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    About MyAddz.com


    This site is primarily a platform to showcase your product or service for the “E Generation”, to easily access with a click.

    Presently we are living in a globally connected society. The world is adapting to this internet culture. Our effort is to give your business the competitive edge to increase visibility and to reach out to all potential customers.

    As customers we can relate to how exasperating it becomes to, blindly search through numerous sites, for a single product/service and in the other spectrum as companies we can relate to the challenges, monetary and otherwise, to promote our products. Myaddz.com makes life easier for both buyers and sellers.

    We are here to help not only established businesses but also new start ups and small ventures. Our endeavour is to reach the masses effectively.

    Please read ‘Advertise with us’ page on the site to take advantage of the cost effectiveness which will enhance your business to greater heights with higher margins.


    About Gourparbati.com

    www.gourparbati.com is an official website of Gour Prasad Ghose and Parbati Ghose. This site is dedicated to their professional journey in the Odiya Film Industry. We have made an earnest effort to showcase accurate information about their works. The veterans of this industry can relate to what has been depicted on this site and the plethora of information will familiarize the younger generation with the works of this Husband/Wife duo.

    The entire gamut of their career has been conveyed in this website which has been created with full attention to details. We have also included numerous personal and professional Images collected over the years.

    GPG Production

    About GPG Production


    GPG Productions is a multi media based company which endeavours to promote artistes of the past and present through our Audio/Video ventures.

    Being the daughter and son in law of Gour Prasad Ghose and Parbati Ghose, who were veterans of the Odiya Film Industry, we are attempting to carry forward their legacy. We have created the website www.gourparbati.com which gives an insight into their erstwhile career.

    Though they were pioneers of the Odiya Film Industry, our projects are not limited to one particular region of our country. We aim to delve into all regions, cultures and languages.

    Do visit our YouTube page to view our few audio/video projects